About us

For 11 years, as a leading distributor of plexiglass and polycarbonate boards, we have been implementing plastic-related projects for many industries.

We support companies in various segments: automation, sanitary, aviation, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, etc. We carry out component production orders as well as individual, technologically advanced projects.

We also care about the safety of employees of enterprises by glazing production lines (bent, glued, laminated, coated protection shields).

We specialise in the processing of such plastics as: plexiglass, polycarbonate, polyamide, kasiglas, polyethylene, HPL. All these materials are available in large quantities in our stock; we also have a modern machine and technology pool.

Why trust us?

The team

The staff working for you is composed of trained professionals with many years of experience. Thanks to this, you can depend on our full professionalism and specialist advice.

Machine and technology pool

Italian edge polishing machine with natural diamonds, industrial machine tools, axis milling machines, bevelling and chamfering machines, cutting saws, bending machines, column drills... Modern equipment is the basis for a reliable execution of every detail.

Measurement systems

The measuring equipment is certified and controlled. A CNC measuring unit, rulers, gauge callipers, thickness gauges, micrometres as well as first-class measuring tapes all ensure accuracy of measurements.

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